Happy Monday, Survivors! Here’s a quick word from Sean from Mooney Bin Entertainment:

The Kickstarter for Survivors: A Dystopia Rising Game launches now!

What do you need to know?

-1-5 Players (board game)


-Story focused

-Zombie Apocalypse

-Running from a horde while finding a new place to call home

Easy mechanics means you can learn in 5 minutes, and play in 30. We even have a Supply Bag you can get as an Add On if you want to take your new game out into the Wastes. Check out our how to play video, website, and finally back us on Kickstarter!

Check out the official Facebook post

Check out the Kickstarter

Check out the website

And now a quick word from the National team, with some additional information on a couple of the fun kickstarter add-ons.

First, if you back this project for $50 or more, you will have the option to add on up to 2 XP for the Dystopia Rising LARP. Here’s what you need to know about how this will work:

-This add-on can only be purchased if you back the $50 tier (which gets you the physical game) or higher.

-If the purchasing player does not have an advanced membership, this is 2XP total. It can be applied to one character or split between two. The information on how each player wants this build distributed across their characters will be collected via the backer survey.

-If the player does have an advanced membership, they get 2XP for each character.

-This build will be applied directly by National, and will happen once the Kickstarter ends, likely a few weeks after. It will not be immediate.

The next add-on we want to highlight is the ability to build your own faction! The Kickstarter mentions that there will be five factions you can interact with in the game- one is already set in stone, up to four of the others will come from the backers who purchase this add-on. It also includes artwork for up to six people, created by the amazing Polina Arteev, who did the artwork for the game. This is a VERY LIMITED Add-On, with only 4 available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

That’s all for now, survivors. See you in the wasteland!

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