Advanced Membership


All Dystopia Rising players receive a Basic Membership by default. While all players may have up to 3 characters at any time, a Basic Membership allows you to only check one of them in at a game event. That character, and only that character, receives XP for the weekend and may learn new skills over the course of that weekend. An Advanced Membership, however, allows you to check in all of your current characters for that weekend. You may portray them over the weekend in combinations such as ABC, or ABA, or even just A. All of your active characters will still gain XP for the event, regardless of whether you portray them or not.

Additionally, you will be awarded 2 XP on all three character slots. This +2 XP will be awarded to each of your three character slots in the month that you purchase the membership. These XP points are not re-awarded in the instance of character death or retirement.
Lastly, all players who have an active Advanced Membership earn Home Game build rate on all Travel games.

Advanced Membership