Hey Survivors! A quick announcement for you all tonight.

We’re going to be separating the News Blog into two separate pages from this point forward. The new ones will be titled, as one might imagine, News and Blog.

This page (the News Blog) has turned into the News page, and will consist of most of what’s been posted here until now: Large content updates, LIT changes, and any other important or urgent announcements. The new Blog page is going to be more of a standard blog, and will be the home of posts that don’t contain updates or urgent info. Both of these pages will be found under the “Latest” heading on our main website.

We’re making this change for two reasons. First, we want it to be easier for you all to identify our important news and announcements, and locate them on our website. And second, this change means that we can fill the new Blog page with a wider variety of fun posts without worrying about clogging up the News feed.

The blog is blank for now, but keep an eye out for blog posts coming soon!

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