Hi everybody! A few months ago, we announced some changes to how we use the LIT system for online inventories. This included removing unmodified meals and legacy buylist items, as well as creating a system for adding expiration dates moving forward. We did this to start bringing the functionality of the LIT system more in line with how item cards work at physical events. And we started with those specific items because they are the ones we could guarantee would have expired at the time of removal, so we wouldn’t be removing anything prematurely.

Now, we’re announcing the next phase of these changes. We’re keeping the same philosophy in mind as we do this. Here is what to expect:

What is going to be changing?

As of July 1st, 2023, we will begin removing all of the items from player LIT inventories that fall under these four categories and do NOT have an expiration date: 

-Brews EXCEPT intoxication brews and injectables



-Modified meals (deep fried, canned, etc.).

Why are these categories of items being removed?

We are removing these items because none of them have an expiration that is longer than 6 months. Since all online events started adding expiration dates to items by January 1st, 2023, that means all non-dated items in these categories would have been crafted before that date and will expire at the latest by July 1st, 2023. We’re sticking to the philosophy that we only want to remove items that we can guarantee should be expired.

How can I make sure I use up my non-dated items in these categories before my dated ones?

Each chapter will have their specific guidelines for how to do this, so we recommend reading their crafting/econ instructions or asking your local team. Typically, this is something you will be able to specify when listing the items you are using, but ask your director if you’re unsure.

Thanks for reading! We know the turnaround on the last update was pretty tight, so we wanted to give you guys a few months of lead time in preparation for this one. We’ve also received some feedback about the different expiration formats in LIT leading to stacking issues- we hear you and we’re working on it.

As always, stay safe out there and we’ll see you in the wasteland!

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