A black and white distressed logo that says "C.A.P.S."

Community Action Points is a system of thank-you and rewards that exists to give to players that work to make the community of Dystopia Rising a better place. These points can be turned in for things that will enhance their in-game experience. CAPs replace the old Assistance Points (AP), to match the 3.0 system implemented in September 2019.

This program aims to offer a way to show that the runners of Dystopia Rising branches appreciate people who want to make things better for those around them and want to reward them with the thing that we all came here for: fun!

CAPs are universally recorded in the Database: The number of CAPs received and turned in from anywhere in the network can be found on the player sheets, under the CAPs tab.


CAPs are given at the discretion of game runners to individuals who have gone above and beyond to contribute to the game in a positive way. This can be anything from helping a fellow player to assisting game runners to make things happen.

Below is an example of CAPs awards:

  • Thank You!: 10 CAPs

  • Above and Beyond: 25 CAPs

  • Life Saver: 50 CAPs

  • There Are No Words: 100 CAPs

  • Extra Casting: 10 CAPs per hour

  • Guides: 40 CAPs per event attended, for being great

Please note: that the above are static amounts. Only one may be given per instance.


Please check with the branch (website) regarding their branch-specific systems to receive and turn in CAPs as systems may vary from branch to branch. Differences may include the amount of points to turn in for “variable point” rewards, lead times, specific ways to communicate, and branch-specific rewards added to the Network base list.

CAPs are Branch Specific:
CAPs are branch-specific and only able to be turned in at the branch they were received. We want people to take part in helping whatever community they are currently in and not just the one they are from.

Exception: CAPs received from Network level (earned at Network events and through network-wide initiatives) may be turned in at any local branch and Network events at the event organizer’s discretion.

Good Standing: Individuals must be in good standing to receive awards from turning in CAPs.
Sharing: CAPS cannot be transferred from one player to another. However, you can choose to spend your CAPs to give a reward to someone else. This is so any player can tip their CAP to anyone in appreciation.
Community: CAPs can be combined from several players to receive a group reward

Caps List