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The following Clarifications and Errata are used for national play. The local game runner has the final say on any rule calls for their game. Any deviation from the book or this page will be listed on the local game’s website.


 Last Edit: 09/21/23



  • Unless specifically stated in an item or ability, you can only activate one ability in response to a trigger. Example: If you have two items that have an effect that triggers or can be activated when you use Avoid you may only choose one or the other to utilize on any given occasion unless the item specifically says otherwise.
  • If an item adjusts how a skill works (reduces cost, reduces time, etc) you must have the skill in order to use it. (i.e. If an Augment reduces the cost of the Proficient ability on the weapon, you must have the Proficient weapon skill to use it.)
  • In order to benefit from an item your character must be actively using it (Wielded for a gizmo, shield, or weapon, worn for armor and some gizmos, or Active Role-Play for some Gizmos). Activating an item and stowing it or dropping it will end the effect unless the item specifically says otherwise.
  • All of your characters should be built in a way so that they never interact, and this includes a character’s inventory. They may not trade items to each other or do so through other characters as a go-between. You should always try to avoid one character’s stuff ending up in one of your other character’s hands. This rule is in place to prevent metagaming, which is when you would gain an unfair advantage over other players and characters by doing something using your out-of-game knowledge. In this case, trading between your alts would let you gain additional resources or benefits that one of your characters would not have had on their own.
  • The Experience Points Gained Per Event table on page 91 of the rulebook has been amended slightly. Game 11 will have a gain of 4 experience instead of 8, and game 24 will gain 4 experience instead of 3.

Augments: Augments’ effects do not trigger the effects of other Augments unless specifically stated in the Augment. Only one Augment may be activated from a single source. (i.e. If you have two Augments that can be activated from using Mind Resist, you may only activate one of them.) If an augment causes an effect to happen, it is considered either a Strike or a Ranged Attack based on the item it is attached to, unless the Augment specifies a different delivery method.

Basic Artisan: (Updated) May be used to Repair Gizmos broken with the Break skill. Does not work on Gizmos that are Destroyed (or state that they cannot be repaired).

Basic Florentine: Basic Florentine allows only for the usage of one-handed weapons. The reference to exotic weapons refers to one-handed exotic weapons, which do not currently exist.

Basic Larceny: Using Basic Larceny to remove Binds on yourself takes 1 minute per the Binds rules on page 105.

Blueprints: Copying a blueprint requires Active Roleplay and Full-Engagement.

Daline Buckler: The Break Weapon is considered a Strike for purposing of defending against its effect.

Enhanced Movement: The escape/rescue portion of the skill may be used in plain sight. (P. 125)

Fractures: Fractures do not go away on their own between games. Fractures are cured through the use of Proficient Social or Master Necrokinetics.

Knucks: Knucks are Brawling Weapons, not Melee Weapons. (P. 176)

Line of Sight: Attacks made using Line of Sight (or Point at a Target) are considered to be attacks based on the source item and defended against normally. (i.e. The Mountain Rifle’s PFA ability grants a Line of Sight attack. This is a Ranged Attack and can be Avoided.) This includes any skill or attack originating from a weapon or Augment even if it doesn’t specifically say Line of Sight or Point at a Target.

For skills or effects that require special targeting (such as hitting the torso) as long the required portion of the Target is visible the effect or skill will work. (i.e. Line of Sight Blinding will only work as long as the Target’s torso can be seen by the player calling the Skill.)

Master Biogenetics: Change all references from zombies to undead. Full Dead using this skill do not need to exit the area of their own Master Biogenetics.

Master Malicious: You may not carry another character with you while using Master Malicious. Targeting your allies to get out of combat is against the intent of this skill.

Master Stealth: You do not gain a fracture from using Master Stealth. If you use your last Resolve to fuel Master Stealth and it is countered by No Escape, your Resolve is spent, you do not gain a fracture, but you do suffer the other effects of having hit zero Resolve.

Moulen Rouge Camouflage: The achievement level for the Moulen Rouge Camouflage functions as written, however, it does not extend the disguise to Mortis scenes.

Proficient Medical: When utilizing the option to fix a limb, the target is considered a Patient (P 105) and must meet those requirements.

Resolve: When a character hits zero Resolve during an event several things happen.

    • They are unable to use skills that cost Resolve for the remainder of the event.
    • They are unable to use items that cost or lose a Resolve for the remainder of the event. (This includes having items used on you that cost or lose a Resolve)
    • They are unable to use any mechanics that require having a certain level of Resolve.
    • They gain a Fracture and return to 1 Resolve.

Starter Equipment: Starter equipment may not be augmented. (P. 100 states that starting equipment has no other mechanical benefits other than damage)

Traps: Unless otherwise specifically stated, only 1 Trap may be attached to a door or container. Traps may not be moved once set unless in a container or disarmed.

Upsurge: (Updated) Upsurge effects are only beneficial; all detrimental Upsurge effects have been converted into Downsurge calls. If a player is affected by an Upsurge and is Targeted by a second Upsurge effect, the player has the option of keeping the first Upsurge or dismissing the first Upsurge and accepting the second.