New Character XP Update

Evening all! A very quick update. Normally we post updates early in the week, so apologies for the awkward timing on this one.

For the past few years, the rate of XP gain for a character’s first 24 events has been slightly different from the one noted in the 3.0 rulebook. This was announced a while back on the forums, but since the book remained static, it has understandably caused a lot of confusion for newer players.

We’ve received a lot of feedback about this, so we decided to go ahead and change it back to match the book. That means two events will now show different amounts of XP: Game 11 will gain 8 instead of 4, and game 24 will gain 3 instead of 4. You can see what that looks like in this chart, pulled right from the book.

We changed it in such a way that it also applies retroactively. Here’s the breakdown of what that means.

If a character attended through game 24 completely before the start of 3.0, their XP total will remain unaffected.

If a character attended games 11-24 completely after the start of 3.0, they will now retroactively gain a net +3 XP: +4 for game 11, and -1 for game 24.

If a character attended game 11 before the start of 3.0, and game 24 after, they will not have an XP removed. We didn’t think it would be fair to do that, so when the XP scaling in the database was changed, this was manually adjusted for. If any of your characters fall into this group, their total should remain unaffected, and you’ll see an extra floating XP when you look at the event breakdown.

There may be a small handful of edge cases, like players who only purchased a day pass for one of their first bunch of events. If something seems off, reach out to your logistics director and we’ll work with them to sort it out.

Hopefully moving forward this should alleviate some confusion for our newer players.

That’s all for today! If you’re heading out to the wasteland this weekend, have a great time.