We are a network of linked independent live action roleplaying ( larp ) games that run an ongoing narrative in the post-apocalyptic universe of Dystopia Rising. Larp events normally occur monthly, and are run by different organizers across the US.

Hundreds of years ago, the first zombies began to appear. Humanity trembled as the world tried to fight against a fungal virus that infected everything and everyone on the planet. Bombs irradiated the land and technology was all but lost. The apocalypse came and went, but the people still remain. Now, unique mutations of people called Strains fight for survival while they build a new world.

This is the post-apocalypse. This is Dystopia Rising.

Dystopia Rising is a rich, fleshed-out world that was first created over 15 years ago. Since then, the creators have released numerous books that not only explore different aspects of the zombie post-apocalypse, but also give a rich and detailed history of the people within the wasteland. When you join a Dystopia Rising larp event, there is a lot of background to explore and engage with. Learn more about the game by finding a larp near you, or diving into some of the tabletop books based in the Dystopia Rising universe. Fight zombies, build a community, explore the wasteland, and learn more about the fascinating story of the zombie post-apocalypse.